Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Three Rad Things, And a Donkey

1) Dipping your french fries into your chocolate milkshake?  


Woof woof.
2) Wearing a cat costume all day one Tuesday and barking and GRRing whenever anyone comes near you, and  the only time you speak is to say, "I'm an elephant" if anyone ever tells you they like your cat costume?    

3)  Telling the substitute teacher your name is actually pronounced SOO-SHEE?

This could be You.

And now...

Carry on with your rad selves!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Why do people ever have times that aren't rad times?

You know where I went the other day?  Starbucks.  You know what I ordered at Starbucks?  A Cool Lime Refresher.  What size, you ask?  Grande.  I can never remember the difference between Grande and Venti.  But, boy when I tasted the first sip of my Cool Lime Refresher, I thought, "This is really it.  This is really just a rad time."

You know what I did then?  I looked around at all the people in the Starbucks, of course.  And you know what I saw?  People drinking various and sundry Starbucks beverages.  There were men working on their computers sitting all alone at tables meant for four sipping away at their hot coffees.  There was a table of four ladies discussing something about either trees or fleas or scabby knees (I couldn't really tell.  When I leaned my own head over their table they got a little uncomfortable and stopped talking altogether).  One of those ladies even had a breakfast biscuit or something.  It looked like maybe it was an English muffin and it had cheese and eggs on it and I think maybe some onions but onions are harder for me to smell than eggs and I'm sure I smelled what was eggs but just not completely positive that I smelled any onions.  Either way, it looked delicious.  And then, also, at another table, there was a man who came and sat down at a table with one woman and they hugged as though maybe they knew each other already and then that hugging man sat down and then he opened his newspaper! And he started reading it while the hugging lady stared at her phone!  It was unreal!

But you know what I noticed most about these people?  They all seemed fine; they all seemed okay, but NONE of these people were smiling. NONE of these people seemed to be having any kind of rad times.  So you know what I did?  I went back up to the counter and I said, "Grande Cool Lime Refreshers all around!"  The barista said, "Pardon me?  I couldn't hear because Jeff was talking so loudly at drive through."  It sort of disrupted the moment but not completely, because I kinda cleared my throat and just go a little louder than before, "No problem.  Grande Cool Lime Refreshers all around!"  I had an honest to goodness fifty dollar bill in my pocket and I handed it over and said, "No change please!"  And then, I raced out of the door and kind of peered in the window but had to kind of wait a few minutes because it's not like several grande Cool Lime Refreshers appear just out of nowhere!  But as they were being passed out from what I could see from outside the coffee shop, people smiled as they were handed their incredibly refreshing Refreshers.  They turned those frowns upside down, and rad times were had by all.  After leaving that Starbucks, I had a smile on my face, and my day just kind of continued being rad, which was nice.  See how easy it is to have rad times?  Same here!